• 15 April 2009
    Gift A Tone - Dhiraagu helps you share MyTones
    As Dhiraagu MyTones becomes increasingly popular, we are pleased to present another exciting enhancement to the product, Gift A Tone.

    Designed to enable customers to gift ring back tones to other mobile users, Gift A Tone makes use of the largest and most diverse ring back tone collection in the Maldives, which ensures that, be it a song which conveys a special message, or simply one which would be appreciated, or befits a special occasion, customers will be able to find the perfect tone to gift.

    To Gift A Tone, customers need to subscribe to MyTones, and then:

    • call 155 and choose tone selection by category,
    • choose the Gift A Tone option and select the tone, and
    • enter the 7-digit Dhiraagu mobile number to which the tone is intended.

    The recipient will be notified by SMS, that mobile number 7xxxxxx has gifted a tone, including details, and will be offered the choice to:

    • listen to the tone, by calling 155 and keying in the tone ID,
    • accept the tone by texting YES [transaction ID] to 155, or
    • Simply ignore to reject the tone.

    Should the receiver accept the tone, it will be activated for a maximum 30 days. There is no monthly fee for using this service. The only charges are to the sender, for calls to 155 at the rate of Rf. 1.50 per minute, and Rf. 4 for each tone accepted.

    Dhiraagu mobile customers can now share their ring back tones, and introduce their loved ones to a whole world of music, through Gift A Tone. Dhiraagu is dedicated to continuing the introduction of new and innovative products and services to the country, and customers can look forward to several more in the near future.

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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