• 21 February 2023
    Get 6GB Daily Data Every Day with Dhiraagu Salhi Monthly x2!

    Dhiraagu Salhi Prepaid customers can now enjoy 6GB daily data every day for just MVR 745 with the Salhi Monthly x2 plan! With this ongoing promotion, customers will now get total 180GB with a validity of 30 days.

    Customers can conveniently activate this add-on through the Dhiraagu App at https://bit.ly/Dhiraagu-App or by sending an SMS to 343 with the keyword ‘S4GB30’.

    With Dhiraagu Salhi Prepaid Plans, customers can choose their daily refreshing data allowance amount and validity based on their preference. Additionally, they will also get unlimited calls to all Dhiraagu numbers (more info: https://bit.ly/3xpM4WP).

    For more information about the ongoing Salhi Monthly x2 promotion, visit https://bit.ly/3IEDKbz.

    Dhiraagu continues to enhance the digital experience of people living in the Maldives by providing them exciting new offers at greater value.

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