• 30 May 2001
    Free Monthly Subcription Dhimobile Voicemail
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce today that DhiMobile VoiceMail service will now be provided with FREE monthly subscription.

    This means all customers currently using the service will continue to receive the service with no monthly subscription fee. Additionally if you apply for VoiceMail before 30 June, you can also get FREE connection.

    This is in line with our policy of making all our services as affordable as possible to customers. The new VoiceMail tariffs are:

    Voicemail (initial one-off, set-up fee) | Rf 100
    Monthly Fee | FREE
    Call Forwarding (mobile to voicemail) | FREE
    Message retrieval (listen to voicemail messages) | Rf 1 per call, calling 700 (the special short code number) from your own mobile phone. - Normal call charges, calling 770000 (the common access number) from a fixed-line or a mobile.

    Dhiraagu has invested US$0.8 Million to provide VoiceMail, SMS and Prepaid services with equipment purchased from Comverse Network Systems Limited (USA), the leading supplier in the world.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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