• 16 April 2001
    Free call waiting
    Dhiraagu announces today that with effect from 24 April 2001, Call Waiting will be offered to all our customers FREE.

    The service allows you to answer a second incoming call, without disconnecting the first call. You will hear a series of beeps, to alert you of the second incoming call.

    To answer the second call, just flash your telephone hook switch and press 2 immediately to answer the new call. Your current call will be put on hold, and the person on hold will hear a ringing tone. You can switch between calls any number of times, by repeating the above steps.

    To enjoy this service, after 24 April 2001, just follow the steps below:

    • Lift the receiver
    • Press the access code * 43 #
    • Replace the receiver

    To deactivate Call Waiting service:

    • Lift the receiver
    • Press # 43 #
    • Replace the receiver.

    We would like to advise our customers that, if you are using the same telephone line to connect to DhivehiNet, please remember to deactivate Call Waiting, before dialling into DhivehiNet. This is because an incoming call could interrupt your already established DhivehiNet connection.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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