• 10 September 2001
    E-bill Service Introduced
    Dhiraagu has introduced E-Bill service today, 10 September 2001. This service allows all customers to track their call details online, through the Internet.

    Initially the service is available only for fixed line customers. Customers are given a user name and a password to access the e-Bill site that shows all call details, except calls within the same zone.

    For telephone numbers starting with 21, 31, 32, 33, 44 and 45, call details are updated approximately every four hours and for all other telephone numbers, call details are updated approximately once every week.

    Details of the last 6 months bills are also available. The service is FREE with customers only paying DhivehiNet usage charges for the duration they are online. To apply for the service customers can simply fill in the application form for the service and submit to us. You can download the application form from E-Bill site.
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