• 13 September 2001
    Direct Debit Service Introduced
    Direct debit service has been introduced, today 13 September 2001, with the State Bank of India (SBI).

    This service allows customers to pay their Dhiraagu bills automatically every month, without having to write cheques or visit our Customer Front Office.

    This is a FREE service; customers simply fill in an application form and send it to Dhiraagu. The customer's application is then approved and SBI is informed each month the total of the customer's Dhiraagu bill. The bank pays the customer's monthly bill, deducting the money from customer's bank account on the due date of the bill.

    The service is currently only available with SBI and will be introduced with other banks in the Maldives once their systems are capable.

    Keith Wilson, Dhiraagu CEO said, "Dhiraagu is the first company in the Maldives to provide customers with Direct Debit service, it is another example of our commitment to improved customer service and complements our recently released e-bill service. Our thanks go to SBI, for working with us on this project to a very tight schedule, in particular SBI's Chief Executive Officer, Mr G.N Dash for his personal involvement and commitment ".

    Application forms can obtained from the Customer Front Office or download from the website: www.dhiraagu.com.mv
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