• 20 October 2001
    Dhivehinet Tariffs Reduced
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce a reduction of DhivehiNet tariffs from 21 September 2001.

    This will be achieved by providing 56kbps service at 33.6kbps price and reducing off-peak rates to Rf 0.55 per minute. The new tariffs are as follows and provide customers with savings up to 45%:

    Service | Peak rate Rf/min | Off peak rate Rf/min
    Up tp 56kbps (381381) | 1.20 | 0.55
    Time | Saturday - Thursday (0800 - 1800) | Saturday - Thursday (1800 - 0800) and all day Friday

    Customers who subscribe to a DhivehiNet package will also receive further savings and Dhiraagu will be contacting these customers directly with details.

    All DhivehiNet customers are encouraged to change their dial-up number to 381381 to obtain maximum benefit from this tariff reduction (although V.90 compatible modem and software drivers are needed to obtain speeds over 33.6kbps). The dial-up number 380380 will be available until 30 November 2001, at 33.6kbps maximum speed.

    Keith Wilson, CEO Dhiraagu said, "Our new tariffs will make the Internet more affordable for all customers, especially those using the service from home, as they can now use DhivehiNet from 18-00 every day and all day Friday for only Rf 0.55 per minute".

    This price reduction and service improvement has been introduced as a result of customer feedback. Dhiraagu is committed to providing all services at the best possible price for customers.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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