• 13 July 1999
    DhivehiNet charges 50% down
    As part of our efforts to encourage more people to use Dhivehinet service, we are reducing Dhivehinet charges to 50% from 15th July - 15th October 1999. This offer was introduced as a trial from 13th-30th April 1999.

    Under the offer customers will be charged at the rate of mrf 0.87 per minute from 01.00hrs - 08.00hrs. This is a 50% reduction in price compared to our current peak tariff.

    Dhiraagu introduced Internet service in the Maldives on 14th October 1996 and currently there are over 850 registered Dhivehinet customers.

    To provide a wider access of the service to the general public, Dhiraagu opened the first Cyber Cafe on 22nd July 1998, which attracts on an average 2000customers a month and has 370 members registered.

    As part of this program, Dhiraagu opened the first Cyber Station in Seenu Hithadhoo, on 1st July. This station which is located at the Dhiraagu Seenu Operation Centre is also becoming very popular among the public.

    The Acting General Manager of Dhiraagu Mr. Ian Shepherd said "We are continuously working to improve the quality of service we offer our customers and to introduce new means to provide wider access of this important service to the general public"

    Notes to editors:
    Current Internet tariffs

    • Rf 1/75 0800 hrs-2000 hrs peak
    • Rf 1/25 2000hrs- 0800 hrs off peak
    • When Dhiraagu introduced the service, charges were Rf2/- per minute for peak hours (0800-2000 hrs) and 1/75 for off-peak hours (2000-0800hrs) and the connection fee was Rf1000/
    • As part of the plan to make the service more affordable to the general public, charges were reduced to the currently used tariffs in Feb 1998. The connection fee was reduced to Rf500/-
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