• 04 August 2002
    DhivehiNet Broadband Service to be Introduced
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce that DhivehiNet broadband service using Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology will be introduced in Male' during August 2002.

    The service will offer customers Internet download speeds of up to 256kbps and upload speeds of up to 64kbps. In addition to high speeds, it will also provide customers an "always-on" Internet connection.

    DhivehiNet Broadband will be ideal for fast web browsing, downloading large files and other information and entertainment services on the Internet including music, videos and online games.

    Users will be billed only for the volume of data uploaded and downloaded (not for the duration they are connected to the Internet). Customers may choose one of the following packages depending on their requirements and the expected level of usage.

    Package | Monthly Subscription (Rf) | Monthly Usage | Allowance Charge per MB after allowance (Rf) | No. Of Users

    ADSL256 Solo Lite | 590 | 250 MB | 2.25 | A single PC
    ADSL256 Solo | 975 | 500 MB | 1.75 | A single PC
    ADSL256 Multi Lite | 2,000 | 1 GB | 1.25 | May connect up to 4 PCs
    ADSL256 Multi | 3,000 | 2 GB | 0.75 | May connect up to 4 PCs

    The setup charge will be Rf 1,000 for all packages.

    In addition customers will need a DSL modem for connecting the service to their PCs.

    Dhiraagu CEO, Ismail Waheed said, "High speed Internet access is something many of our customers have been looking forward to. I am confident that this service will become very popular, especially in view of the fast speeds and very reasonable prices."

    Customers with any queries can call 123 FREE (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or email [email protected].

    Issued by:

    Ahmed Shaafiu
    Marketing Manager
    Phone: 3311450
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