• 21 August 2019
    DhiraaguTV has signed with Dhivehi movie “Bavathi” for its Video On-Demand (VOD) platform

    We are excited to announced that Dhivehi movie Bavathi, the first production of iFilms will be coming soon to DhiraaguTV on our newly introduced Video On Demand platform. I Films was found in 2018 by Ilyas Waheed. Bavathi will be the first step in the field to make its mark in the movie industry of Maldives. 

    Bavathi is a Thriller movie with the components of horror, romance and comedy. The movie is scheduled to premiere on 2nd September 2019. 


    Our decision to sign with a new production house such as I Films will continue to serve as a testament to our efforts in driving the local entertainment industry forward. DhiraaguTV will continue to provide an avenue for local talents in Maldives through encouraging originality and engaging more local productions with their artistic pursuits. Additional content is set to be made available to customers through enriching the On Demand library further with both local and international content.  


    Video On Demand is an innovative feature that will redefine how customers use and consume media. Our objective is to create more opportunities for local artists and creatives to collaborate and create new forms of interactive content. This feature enables DhiraaguTV to provide a wide range of entertainment options to our customers that can be conveniently accessed - anytime, anywhere.


    Accessing the On Demand Platform


    Our interface has been designed for an accessible and user-friendly experience through simplified menus. This design will ensure that our customers can enjoy a hassle-free experience while navigating through our catalogue. By selecting the On Demand option on the home-screen, users will be able to access and scroll through the content.


    21 August 2019

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