• 28 July 1999
    Dhiraagu Will Start Replacing The Existing Mobile Equipment With GSM Equipment Next Month
    In preparation for the installation of the new GSM mobile system, Dhiraagu will start replacing the AMPS equipment at the existing base station with GSM equipment, in early August.

    The first base stations will be Thulusdhoo, Fihalhohi, Dangethi and Rasdhoo. This means service will discontinue from areas other than Male' and Villingili area.

    Also as part of the preparation for GSM, there will number changes in mid - October. Our research suggests that the majority of Dhimobile customers wish to retain their existing mobile number when they transfer to GSM. We are happy to say that customers will be able to do so. However, those customers who do not wish to transfer to GSM will be assigned a new telephone number beginning 78xxxx rather than 77xxxx. The first and the last four digits of the existing number will remain the same.

    The AMPS service is scheduled to be phased out shortly after the GSM system is launched. We will publish the exact dates later.

    Notes to editors

    • Dhiraagu has signed a contract with Alcatel to provide the Maldives with a new digital GSM Mobile Telephone System
    GSM (Global System for Mobile) is an advanced digital cellular mobile system used in more than 120 countries with over 200 million customers worldwide. The new service will provide increased security, enhanced voice quality and support many advanced features not possible on the existing AMPS system. We will provide the new GSM service before the end of 1999.
    • AMPS system is the mobile system in use now

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