• 19 December 2011
    Dhiraagu unveils BlackBerry Smartphone plans
    After a successful soft-launch period, Dhiraagu has today unveiled three Postpaid plans for use with BlackBerry smartphone which can be added to any of Dhiraagu postpaid plans.

    The BlackBerry provides the solution you need to stay in touch with people and information on the go - from email, messaging, phone, internet, maps, multimedia and more. With Postpaid plans for use with BlackBerry smartphones available on the largest network in Maldives, Dhiraagu customers can now be able to fully enjoy the freedom and benefits of using their BlackBerry Smartphones.

    Dhiraagu will offer BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) to its customers and this includes access to email, phone, enterprise applications, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), Instant Messaging, calendar, Intranet access, full Internet and social networking. It allows wireless synchronization of email and organizer applications, integrated email attachment viewing that supports popular file formats with advance security.

    At a Press Conference held at Dhiraagu today, Ahmed Maumoon, Director Marketing of Dhiraagu stated, "After a very successful soft-launch period for thorough testing of the BES solution with different customer groups we are delighted to unveil Dhiraagu BlackBerry Smartphone Plans with the largest network in the Maldives. This also further illustrates the strong focus we give to providing a fully tested solution to our customers and we are confident that our customers will now take advantage of the convenience and flexibility in signing up for the service".

    All of the three Postpaid plans for use with BlackBerry smartphones can be subscribed on top of the existing post-paid package or with a new postpaid connection. Dhiraagu postpaid customers with the packages (Intouch, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum) do not require to change their existing plans or numbers to sign for the Blackberry Smartphone plans.

    Activation of BlackBerry service on Dhiraagu network is very easy. Postpaid customers interested in BlackBerry service will simply have to fill an application form and submit to a Dhiraagu mobile shop.

    There are three different BlackBerry Smartphones plans available on Dhiraagu network:

    Details | Blackberry Intro | Blackberry Premium| Blackberry Premium 2
    Setup Fee (RF) | 200 200 200
    Monthly Rental (RF) | 490 590 710
    Data Allowance Pay as you go model* 700MB** 1 GB**
    Data Roaming Charges BlackBerry service can be used while roaming. International data roaming charges will be applied.

    * BlackBerry Intro is the pay as you go model. Data charges will apply at 1 Laari/KB
    ** Excess usage charge at 1 Laari/KB

    Media contact for information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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