• 25 July 1999
    Dhiraagu To Upgrade All DhivehiNet Modems To Digital
    Dhiraagu announces today, that as part of the company's effort to improve the quality of service we offer our DhivehiNet customers, we are installing digital modems to substitute the existing analogue modems, to give customers an improved quality of service, and minimize the difficulties currently face in accessing DhivehiNet.

    To support these digital modems Dhiraagu is installing the world's most advanced access Server from Cisco Systems . This Server is the newest member of Cisco's award winning AS X 00 family and won the 1998 Network Computing "Well Connected" award for if its excellent performance, call handling and management. It also won the Best in Test Award from Business Communication review for best overall and best performance .

    The Server will monitor modem status 24 hours and will automatically block out any faulty modems. This means that customers will not be able to access a faulty modem while trying to connect to the Internet.

    We hope to complete this upgrade before the end of this month.

    Notes to editors

    Service Quality

    Connection speed and the quality of service will also very much depend on the status of the customers telephone line, quality of the modem used, the computer and it's associated software. Customers who use high end PC's, top end modems from reputable manufacturers and those who update the modems drivers regularly will get better quality of service.
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