• 11 January 2000
    Dhiraagu to introduce high speed Internet access
    Dhiraagu announces today that it is making final preparations to introduce high speed Internet accesses to the Government, business community and the general public.

    This includes the introduction of 24 hour access to the Dhivehinet via 64k leased lines . This will cater the needs of heavy Internet users and those who would like to share Internet access via Local and Wide Area Networks.

    Customers taking up this service will have to pay a flat monthly fee, details of which will be published later.

    For customers whose current Internet requirement may not justify having a 64kbs link but would still like to have a higher speed dial up access option, preparations are underway to introduce 56k dial up service.

    Initially 56k dial up service will be available from Male', and Villingili only. Customers, who would like to take advantage of our 56k dial up service, should ensure their modems are ITU V.90 compatible.

    Existing DhivehiNet customers will not be required to apply separately for this service.

    What is V.90?

    V.90 is the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard to support Internet modem connections at up to 56Kbps.

    56k Modem speed

    56k modems are theoretically capable of 56Kbps downloads; however, in practice current download speeds may be limited to 53Kbps. Actual speeds may also vary depending on line conditions. Most people report speeds in the mid-40Kbps range -- anywhere from 43Kbps to 48Kbps are common. Depending on your phone line conditions the signal can fall back to less than 40K.

    Service quality will also very much depend on the quality of the modem, computer and the line condition. Customers using high quality modems, high end PC's and who upgrade their modem drivers regularly will get better quality of service.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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