• 27 January 2000
    Dhiraagu to introduce Free Internet Email Service
    Dhiraagu announces today (27th January 2000) that final preparations are being made to introduce a (local) Free Internet e-mail service, based in the Maldives, as part of the DhivehiNet service.

    As this new E-mail service is based in the Maldives we have given it a unique national identity. Also because it is based here, it will provide faster E-mail access than any other free e-mail services.

    Like other web-based email services, this service will also be accessible from anywhere in the world. We anticipate that these benefits will make this free service very popular with Maldivians and look forward to the day when every Maldivian has their own E-mail account.

    We wish to reconfirm our long term promise to our customers that we are committed to make DhivehiNet more affordable and easily accessible to a much wider Maldivian population.

    As part of this promise we have reduced DhivehiNet subscription and usage tariffs for the second time since the service was introduced. We have also invested in the Cyber Cafe in Male' and Cyber Stations in Seenu Atoll, enabling the access to and use of DhivehiNet service for those who do not own PCs.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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