• 19 January 2000
    Dhiraagu to introduce 56k Internet access from 21st January
    Dhiraagu announces today (19 January 2000) that from 21st January 2000, Dhiraagu will introduce 56k dial-up Internet access for DhivehiNet customers.

    This higher bandwidth access to the Internet will allow DhivehiNet Customers who wish to download large amounts of information from the Internet the opportunity to do so more efficiently than they have been able to do previously.

    This service will be available to those customers who dial-up from Male’ and Villingili only. We are not able to provide the service to our DhivehiNet customer’s dialling-up from other locations.

    With the introduction of 56k dial up service customers will have the option to access DhivehiNet at the current speed by dialling 380380 or at the higher speed by simply dialling 381381 instead.

    There will be no need for existing DhivehiNet customers to apply for the service separately or to change any settings other than the default number dialled in their computer.

    Usage charges for 56k Internet access will be as below:

    |Peak (0800 – 1759) | Off peak (1800 – 2159) | Economy (2200 – 0759)
    Saturday - Thursday | 1.75 | 1.25 | 0.75
    Friday | 1.25 | 1.25 | 0.75

    Please note that these new charges allow our customer significantly increased speed of access to the Internet, while also allowing low cost use of this improved facility in an extended Economy period and on Fridays.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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