• 24 December 2008
    Dhiraagu Telecommunication License renewed
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce that the Telecommunications Authority of Maldives (TAM) has renewed the Telecommunication License provided to Dhiraagu for a further period of 15 years.

    Effective from 01 January 2009, this new license is issued for a term of 15 years, during which Dhiraagu will be allowed to provide all types of communication services in the Maldives, nationally and internationally, as in the previous agreement.

    Under the new license Dhiraagu will be able to provide a broad range of primary and supplementary communication services including fixed, mobile, internet and data services on a non-exclusive basis.

    Speaking at the function held at the TAM offices this afternoon, Chief Executive of TAM Mr. Ilyas Ahmed said that “Dhiraagu’s role in the development of communications in the Maldives is highly appreciated.”

    He also added that they (TAM) feel absolutely confident in renewing the license as “Dhiraagu has completed all its obligations according to the current agreement.”

    Dhiraagu’s Chief Executive Ismail Rasheed also spoke at the ceremony, thanking TAM and the Maldivian Government for renewal of Dhiraagu’s License. He also highlighted some of the significant milestones achieved by Dhiraagu during the last license period which include the roll-out of telephone services to all the inhabited islands in the Maldives, introduction and roll-out of GSM mobile service to cover 100% of the population, roll-out of internet services and implementation of an international submarine cable system between Maldives and Sri Lanka, and local submarine cable system across the one and half degree channel.

    The implementation of these major infrastructures enabled Dhiraagu to provide efficient and cost-effective communications products and services to the country, including GSM mobile service, which has dramatically transformed everyday life and the way business is conducted in the Maldives.

    Mr. Rasheed went on to say that “Dhiraagu will continue to expand its services in the Atolls, ensuring that the whole country is able to benefit from the latest communications tools. We are indeed privileged to have been such an integral part of the Maldives’ development, and we look forward to providing solutions to enhance businesses and improve the quality of life of people.”

    Senior officials from both Dhiraagu and TAM attended today’s License Renewal Ceremony at the TAM offices at Postel Building, to witness the signing of the License by TAM’s Chief Executive Mr Ilyas Ahmed, and on Dhiraagu’s behalf, the company’s Chief Executive Mr Ismail Rasheed.

    Dhiraagu’s current license will expire at the end of December 2008, and the new license will be effective until 2023.

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    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
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