• 24 March 2019
    Dhiraagu supports Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association to conduct a Speech Therapy and Assessment programme in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

    Dhiraagu contributed to support the NGO Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association towards conducting a Speech Therapy and Assessment programme in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

    The contribution was made at the special event held by Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association at Hulhumale Central Park to mark World Down Syndrome Day.

    Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association is an NGO working to provide people with Down Syndrome and families with proper care, training and assistance to create awareness among public.

    Communication is one of the most essential skills needed in the overall development of a child, as learning to communicate is the key for children to interact with the persons in their world and to have their needs met. However, many children with different disabilities like Down Syndrome are not able to produce speech without speech therapy.

    According to Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association, the project will guide facilitators, parents and teachers of SEN classes to assist children with their speech development.  The project enables hearing screenings and evaluation and in developing a speech programme for children with speech difficulties. The programme will be carried out by an audiologist and speech language pathologist from aboard.

    Dhiraagu’s contribution was made under the company’s CSR programme, where child protection and support is a key focus area. Dhiraagu continues to work closely with several NGOS working in this area.

    Every year, the Maldives’ largest run, Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race is dedicated to help protect children and provides a platform for NGOs working in this area to raise funds and create awareness . Beyond the event, Dhiraagu also provides programme based support throughout the year and works closely with several NGOs working in the area of child protection and support.


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    24 March 2019






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