• 13 May 2021
    Dhiraagu supports ARC AID Program for Eid-al Fitr

    As part of Dhiraagu’s CSR effort to support the community amid COVID 19, we are pleased to partner with Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) for Eid-al Fitr and support the ARC AID food support program for some of the most vulnerable children and their families affected by the pandemic.

    Dhiraagu also supported the ARC AID Program in Ramadan 2020 when the program was first introduced by ARC in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. This year, with the support of Dhiraagu ARC provided food packages to over 75 children from 40 vulnerable families. Through ARC AID program, ARC has reached over 1800 vulnerable children and families in 58 islands across the country since last year with the support of partners and individual donor contributions.

    Food supplies covered under ARC AID include rice, flour, lentils, milk powder, tuna cans, eggs, assorted cans of vegetables, and beans. ARC AID provide assistance to some of the most vulnerable families with children referred by government authorities, local councils, and other NGOs.

    Our deepest gratitude and appreciation goes to ARC for their humanitarian efforts amid this difficult time. We are pleased to have supported this initiative that ensures to provide essential food items to vulnerable children and families affected during this crisis.

    Dhiraagu remains to support the community in emergency response efforts amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We wish you all a joyful Eid at home and may we all be guided to a safer time, ease the hardship and bless us all with peace and prosperity.

    Stay home, stay safe!

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