• 27 October 1999
    Dhiraagu successfully launches the new DhiMobile GSM service to existing mobile customers
    Dhiraagu has successfully launched the new GSM service to existing mobile customers on the 24th of October 1999.

    Already Dhiraagu has connected more than 1000 customers who are now enjoying the benefits of the new DhiMobile service. The number of GSM customers continues to grow daily.

    The new GSM service already provides the additional services of call forwarding, call waiting and call hold. Customers should refer to their user handbooks to learn how to use these services. Other new services will be introduced in the future in line with earlier announcements.

    Dhiraagu hopes that the remaining 500 AMPS customers will also choose to transfer to DhiMobile GSM during the next few weeks.

    The General Manager of Dhiraagu Mr. Bob Ure commented " I would like to welcome all customers who have transferred their mobile service to GSM, and hope that those AMPS customers who have not yet applied for their new GSM service will soon do so. Also let me remind customers of the special incentive plan, which we have developed to encourage AMPS customers to transfer to DhiMobile, is still valid and will be available to them until the full commercial launch of the service in late November."

    Customers are also reminded that as part of the introduction of the new DhiMobile GSM service that the old AMPS telephone number range has changed to 78xxxx. Customers should also note that it remains Dhiraagu's intention to close down the AMPS service shortly after the full commercial launch of DhiMobile GSM.

    The full commercial launch of DhiMobile GSM is still on schedule for the end of November.

    For any additional information on DhiMobile visit our Teleshop or call DhiMobile helpdesk on 177.

    Note to editors

    Call waiting

    When you are engaged on a telephone call a beep alerts you that another party is calling you. It also lets you answer the incoming call while you are able to put the first call on hold.

    Call forwarding

    Call forwarding allows incoming calls to be automatically transferred to a selected telephone number anywhere within Maldives

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Department
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