• 07 May 2000
    Dhiraagu Signs New Rf 20 Million Contract with Alcatel For GSM Mobile Expansion
    Dhiraagu signed a contract on 4th May 2000, with Alcatel of France for the supply and installation of additional equipment to increase capacity and to extend coverage to two further Atolls; Baa and Lhaviyani. Mr. Keith Wilson, Dhiraagu General Manager and Mr. Arnaud Delphin on behalf of Alcatel signed the contract.

    The Project will be completed before the end of the year and regular progress updates will be communicated to all customers via the local media.

    Mr. Keith Wilson Dhiraagu General Manager said, "With this expansion we now have capacity to cover existing demand and estimated future customer growth. Our policy is very clear, we will invest to provide capacity for all customers and at the same time extending coverage to new atolls as soon as it is economically viable."

    The DhiMobile GSM service has been massively successful since the November 1999 launch, with customer numbers now over 5,000. This is a worldwide trend, with one in every 21 people in the world now connected to GSM, and this figure is predicted to rise to one in 12 within a year (figures are those released by the GSM Association).

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