• 13 April 2000
    Dhiraagu Signs International Roaming Agreements with Five Major GSM Operators
    Dhiraagu announces today (13th April 2000) that the company signed its first roaming agreements with five major GSM operators in Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong and UK.

    Additionally Dhiraagu is currently in negotiations with other GSM Operators in Italy, Germany and Sri Lanka and roaming agreements are expected to be concluded with these Operators shortly.

    Dhiraagu is now undertaking the necessary system testing with each of its roaming partners to ensure that roaming operates correctly before launching the service.

    Dhiraagu customers will then be able to use their own mobile phone to make and receive calls whilst visiting these countries. Similarly visitors to the Maldives will be able to use their own mobile phone providing Dhiraagu has entered into a roaming agreement with their GSM operator.

    Roaming services to GSM Operators in other countries will continue to be introduced progressively by Dhiraagu as an ongoing activity. New roaming destinations will be communicated regularly to our customers through the local media.

    Commercial launch of roaming services are expected later this month.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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