• 14 March 2022
    Dhiraagu signs as the Digital Partner for Food & Beverage Show 2022

    Dhiraagu has signed as the Digital Partner for the 5th Edition of Food & Beverage Show to be held from 2-4 June 2022 at Central Park, Hulhumale’.

    The Food & Beverage Show presented by Highrise, is an exclusive show that brings together the food and beverage industry. This trade show will attract local and international attendees from resorts, hotels, guest hous¬es, liveaboards, restaurants, food and beverage wholesal¬ers, culinary experts and more. All the at¬tendees will get the chance to visit and explore the new food and beverages in the market and enjoy the food sampling and tasting options available.

    Dhiraagu is committed to provide digital assistance and connectivity throughout the expo and extended their support to home makers, SMEs and enterprises who contribute greatly to the industry and to the community.


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