• 14 February 2005
    Dhiraagu reduces international call rates by up to 43%
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce major reductions in international call rates effective 15 February 2005.

    These price reductions will give customers savings up to 43% depending on the time of day and the country called. The new reduced rates apply to all international calls made from fixed lines, public payphones and mobiles (including prepaid) and represent an average reduction of 22%. With this change call rates will be reduced to all 209 countries to which international service is available: Highlights are:

    • A low flat rate of Rf11 per minute for calls to Sri Lanka, and India. A low flat rate of Rf12 per minute for calls to the other SAARC countries - Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan.
    • The flat rates to SAARC countries are applicable at any time of day or night, offering a massive increase in convenience, as well as savings, for our customers.
    • Rates to major European countries will be reduced by up to 40% offering huge savings, especially for our customers in the tourism industry.
    • All IDD calls will continue to be charged on a per second basis.

    Issued by:
    Dhiraagu Marketing Department
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