• 25 May 2017
    Dhiraagu: Ready to take on tomorrow

    Dhiraagu has today unveiled its new brand identity with a completely fresh look.

    The company has introduced a new logo and orange as its principal colour to represent brilliance, purposefulness as well as a sunny and vibrant outlook.  The new brand identity positively reinforces Dhiraagu’s role as a lifestyle-driven digital services provider.

    With a new slogan - “Take on tomorrow” – Dhiraagu signals its transformation to an increasingly digital world. Technology touches important aspects of our social and economic lives ranging from communications, commerce, education, and entertainment - relying on the digital platforms provided by Dhiraagu. The brand empowers customers to approach the future with Dhiraagu, and make the most of digital to enrich their lives.

    The new brand is social, innovative and empowering. Dhiraagu is constantly evolving to meet changing lifestyles.

    Today’s brand unveiling affirms Dhiraagu’s commitment to customer service, quality, efficiency, reliability and innovation.

    Dhiraagu. Take on tomorrow.

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