• 22 May 2022
    Dhiraagu provides nation-wide support to Amaan Veshi and Amaan Hiya – Family and Children Service Centres of the Ministry of Gender Family and Social Services.

    Dhiraagu has extended support to Amaan Veshi and Amaan Hiya of the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services which are located across Maldives, to support children under state care. Amaan Veshi and Amaan Hiya are homes for children in state care and shelters for victims of domestic violence, established in the atolls.

    A special meeting was held at the Gender Ministry on 16 May 2022 to officiate the initiative. Under this CSR programme, Dhiraagu high-speed Fibre Broadband along with DhiraaguTV services will be provided to the following Amaan Veshi currently established under Gender Ministry which includes;
    • B. Amaan Veshi (located in B. Eydhafushi),
    • Sh. Amaan Veshi (located in Sh. Funadhoo),
    • Gn. Amaan Veshi (located in Gn. Fuvahmulah),
    • HA. Amaan Veshi (located in HA. Dhihdhoo),
    • Dh. Amaan Veshi (located in Dh. Kudahuvadhoo),
    • L. Amaan Veshi (located in L. Fonadhoo),

    Dhiraagu’s support will also be extended to five new alternative care homes which are to be established in the below locations;
    • N. Amaan Veshi (in N. Manadhoo),
    • HDh. Amaan Hiya (in HDh Kulhudhuffushi),
    • M. Amaan Veshi (in M. Mulah),
    • Lh. Amaan Veshi (in Lh. Naifaru),
    • S. Amaan Veshi (S. Hithadhoo)

    The services will be provided to the computer labs to all the above 11 Centres across Maldives under Dhiraagu CSR to support the educational needs of children. The initiative to establish these homes for children and shelters across Maldives is part of the decentralization programme, initiated by the Government of Maldives to provide a safer and healthier environment for children under state care.
    "Following National Children's Day celebrations, it is our pleasure to make this special contribution to Family and Children's Service Centres (FSCSs) as part of our commitment towards digital literacy and inclusive education, so that children in FCSCs across Maldives will have access to online educational resources and enjoy connectivity " stated Ismail Rasheed, CEO & MD at Dhiraagu.
    “On behalf of the government, I would like to appreciate and take this opportunity to offer my sincere gratitude to Dhiraagu for the continuous generosity and commitment to making a difference for the children” stated Aishath Mohamed Didi, Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services.
    Under the company’s CSR focus to support children under state care, Dhiraagu has always been supporting Kuda Kudhinge Hiyaa in K. Villingili and Fiyavathi in K. Hulhumale’ over the past several years. This includes setup of computer labs and library in Kuda Kudhinge Hiyaa and Dhiraagu Fiber Broadband Internet and TV services to these two places of state care.
    Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company had also supported the refurbishment of computer labs in Kuda Kudhinge Hiyaa and donated computer systems to the labs. Dhiraagu also supported the Wifi classroom setup in Fiyavathi to facilitate online classes during the pandemic and had continued to provide Dhiraagu Internet services to the centres under CSR.
    Supporting children and young people is a key focus area under Dhiraagu’s CSR programme. The company also provides programme-based support throughout the year and works closely with NGOs working to empower young people.

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