• 20 April 2009
    Dhiraagu Prepaid Connection Kit Permanently Reduced to Rf 30
    Dhiraagu Prepaid Connection Kit used to mean excellent value for money, but not anymore. Now, reduced to Rf. 30 per kit, with FREE talk time worth Rf. 20, it is simply beyond excellent value for money.

    Way ahead with over 300,000 subscribers, Dhiraagu offers the largest network, allowing calls of good quality and clarity, and 100% coverage on all residential, resort and industrial islands in the Maldives.

    With connection kits being available from numerous retailers throughout the country, and different recharge methods such as Reload, Quick Transfer (QT) or Quick Recharge (QR), Dhiraagu Prepaid customers enjoy one of the most convenient services in the country.

    Dhiraagu Prepaid is already the first choice for the majority of our mobile customers. The introduction of a host of value-added services, such as MyTones, Colour SMS and MMS Jaadhoo, has also made Dhiraagu Prepaid Mobile service the most popular amongst the youth.

    Today’s reduction in price means that even customers with existing Postpaid or Prepaid numbers, now have the perfect excuse to obtain a second mobile number.

    As Dhiraagu welcomes more and more customers daily, the company continues to introduce the best products and services available in the communications world today, while seeking ways to offer more value to the customers, such as the reduction of Prepaid Connection Kit price to Rf. 30.

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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