• 28 December 2015
    Dhiraagu partners with SHE to implement Child Protection Programme
    Dhiraagu has signed a memorandum of understanding with Society for Health Education (SHE) to implement various child protection programmes throughout the year 2016.

    As part of this partnership with SHE, Dhiraagu will be supporting to implement different programmes designed to empower parents and teachers in helping prevent child abuse and neglect, to raise awareness among parents and children about bullying, to enhance the capacity of schools to provide the necessary support to at-risk students, and also to empower people who come into contact with children to ensure child protection. SHE will conduct information exchange sessions with parents and teachers to raise awareness about these issues while working towards making the schools’ personnel more aware about the Child Protection Policy (CPP), and to achieve the aforementioned objectives, throughout the year.

    As part of the understanding, Dhiraagu will contribute 50000 MVR to implement these programmes set to be implemented by SHE in 2016.
    Speaking at the signing ceremony, Dhiraagu Director Marketing Mr. Ahmed Maumoom said, “Child Protection is a key focus area of our CSR Strategy. Hence, we have decided to give our maximum support and co-operation to these programmes by SHE and we are very grateful to them for giving us this opportunity to support this initiative. We also have the guarantee that SHE will do a great job in implementing these programmes, and hopefully we will be able to achieve our common objectives through this programmes”.

    Dhiraagu has been continuously involved in initiatives related to child protection. At the start of the year 2015, Dhiraagu partnered with ARC to implement an Online Child Safety Programme, while an indoor playground was opened at the Maldives Autism Association. In addition to that, developmental resources were donated to Care Society this year and during November 2015, 10000 MVR worth resources were donated to Hithadhoo Al-Noor Special Education Center.

    The annual Dhiraagu Special Sports Festival and Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race are also two of the many events where Dhiraagu shows their support for Child Protection.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    28th December 2015

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    Assistant Manager Public Relations
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