• 19 March 2023
    Dhiraagu partners with Moms Aid to support 100 families this Ramadan

    Dhiraagu has partnered with Moms Aid to support 100 families in need this Ramadan, under the NGO's ‘Ramadan Aid’ campaign 2023.

    Moms Aid is a national charity founded to empower and support women, especially mothers across the country. ‘Ramadan Aid’ is a key programme by the NGO to provide care packages with food items for families in need across the Maldives.

    “We are happy to partner with Moms Aid in the ‘Ramadan Aid’ programme to especially support mothers in need across the Maldives during this holy month of Ramadan. Supporting women and vulnerable communities is a key focus area in our CSR programme and we take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the valuable role by Moms Aid to make a positive impact on families in need across the Maldives,” stated Bishaara Hameed, Manager Corporate Social Responsibility at Dhiraagu.

    “We are grateful to Dhiraagu for their generous contribution towards our ‘Ramadan Aid’ campaign, which will support 100 families in need under our care across Maldives. Their support will enable us to provide care packages with food essentials for this holy month of Ramadan to mothers in need including single mothers, mothers with disabilities, and mothers caring for children with disabilities,” stated Fathimath Umra, Programme Director at Moms Aid.

    The ‘Ramadan Aid’ campaign is an important part of the Moms Aid mission to ensure that vulnerable families in the Maldives receive the support they need to thrive. This campaign will be ongoing during Ramadan and is open for donations from the public as well.

    Dhiraagu remains committed to providing programme-based support to empower women and vulnerable communities in the society.

    Released jointly by:
    Dhiraagu & Moms Aid

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