• 02 August 2010
    Dhiraagu Partner Conference Held at Bandos Island Resort
    Dhiraagu Partner Conference (DPC) was held today at Bandos Island Resort with over 80 partners from across the country.

    DPC is an annual gathering that provides a forum for partners to connect with each other and Dhiraagu staff, and share knowledge on the latest developments, plans and products of Dhiraagu and the telecom industry.

    The highlight of the event was the recognition of best performing partners of last year for the sales of recharge vouchers, reloads and prepaid kits. Award for the highest of recharge vouchers and reloads was achieved by Hai Sales. Highest prepaid kit seller award was achieved by Smart Phone. Several other prizes were awarded to best performing partners with prize money upto Mrf 50,000. Awards were distributed by Dhiraagu Chief Executive Ismail Rasheed.

    In the closing of the Conference, Dhiraagu Chief Executive, Ismail Rasheed thanked all the partners for playing a role crucial in the success of Dhiraagu and assured all partners that Dhiraagu will continue to maintain a close relationship with partners across the country.

    The main objective of establishing Dhiraagu Partner Program is strengthening Dhiraagu’s position in the market as the preferred choice for the customers in terms of convenience and service delivery. It has thus far improved the distribution capabilities of Dhiraagu while opening new avenues for entrepreneurs in the atolls. Under Dhiraagu Partner Program, Dhiraagu provides knowledge and support in areas of product, marketing and distribution to partners.

    Dhiraagu’s first partner shop was open in 2005. Today there are more than 80 partners in all major locations across Maldives, and Dhiraagu prepaid kits, reload and recharge vouchers are available in all the islands of Maldives. More partners will be appointed across Maldives in the near future.

    Now customers can easily subscribe to Dhiraagu services and buy Dhiraagu products at different locations in the Maldives. Dhiraagu’s goal is to establish its presence in all the islands of Maldives to increase convenience for its customers.

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