• 01 September 2008
    Dhiraagu offers lowest IDD rates to 13 popular countries
    Dhiraagu reveals another exciting IDD 019 offer planned to be introduced on the 01st Sep till 10th Oct 2008.

    This promotion is in addition to the current ongoing IDD promotion launched on 10th Aug, introducing the lowest call rates at Rf 1.99 per min to Saudi Arabia, India and Bangladesh.

    The objective of the new IDD 019 promotion is to give more benefit to our customers during Ramadan for them to conveniently be in contact with their friends and family studying and living in popular destinations such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Australia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, USA, Canada and Pakistan for only Rf 1.99 per minute.

    This offer also includes Singapore and UK in the list for the lowest IDD price in Maldives at just Rf 1.80 per minute. To make use of the IDD 019 offer, customers will simply need to dial ‘019’ instead of the ‘00’ dial prefix followed by country code and phone number.

    Dhiraagu the No.1 Telecommunication Service Provider in Maldives has been offering exciting and great IDD rates to customers at great value for money. Our IDD rates are highly competitive even when compared with the neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

    We have even more exciting offers for our customers for Ramadan, the details of which will be given tomorrow.

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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