• 26 May 2021
    Dhiraagu offers FREE extra data to keep customer connected while they stay home.

    Dhiraagu has announced FREE extra data and special data offers for Fixed Broadband and Mobile customers following the announcement by HPA imposing further movement restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19.

    As we navigate through this difficult time, we recognize that our lifestyle changes present a set of challenges and the need for digital services has been further emphasized. Similar to last year, all workforces are back to remote working while students continue with remote education. We hope to provide further ease to our customers with the following special offers;

    FREE data for Dhiraagu Fixed Broadband and Mobile customers

    • Dhiraagu Fixed Broadband packages will be awarded with 30%  FREE extra data.
    • Dhiraagu Postpaid and Dhiraagu Amilla Postpaid customers will be awarded between 25% to 200% FREE extra data.

    Packages and Extra Allowance Details

    Free Allowance

    Total Allowance

    Postpaid 150



    Postpaid 350



    Postpaid 550



    Postpaid 750



    Postpaid 1000



    Postpaid 1700



    Amilla Data 500MB



    Amilla Data 5GB



    Amilla Data 10GB



    Amilla Data 20GB



    Amilla Data 40GB



    • Dhiraagu Postpaid ‘Vaguthun Geah Internet’ customers will receive 30% FREE extra data allowance
    • We will award 30% FREE extra allowance for Postpaid Data SIM.

    We will be awarding FREE Data to all these customers within the first week of June 2021.

    FREE extra data on Boosters and Bundles activated

    • Fixed Broadband customers will receive DOUBLE allowances on boosters activated.
    • Mobile Postpaid customers can enjoy DOUBLE the allowances on boosters activated.
    • Dhiraagu Prepaid customers will receive 50% extra Allowance on COMBO Plans and 200% extra Allowance on Mini Data Add-Ons valid for 30 days from activation.
    • 100% EXTRA allowance on ‘Vaguthun Geah Internet’ boosters activated.
    • 100% EXTRA allowance on boosters on Data SIM activated.

    All these FREE extra data on boosters and bundles will be effective from 12:00 hrs on 27 May until 30 June 2021.

    • Dhiraagu Prepaid ‘Vaguthun Geah Internet’ customers will receive 30% FREE data allowance on packages activated between 1 June until 30 June 2021
    • We will award 30% FREE allowance for Data Add-ons activated on Prepaid Data SIM between 1 June until 30 June 2021
    • Additionally, we have an ongoing promotion where all Mamen customers can enjoy 50% discount on Data Add-ons activated before 30 June 2021.

    We hope that the customers will utilize these offers responsibly and stay home as encouraged by the authorities. Dhiraagu is committed to supporting in every way possible as our community depends on our services more than ever. It is our highest priority to ensure we provide reliable connectivity to keep our customers connected while they continue to stay home safely

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