• 21 March 2007
    Dhiraagu New Chief Executive
    Dhiraagu has brought changes to its senior executive Management where Dhiraagu CEO, Mr Ismail Waheed will be stepping down after completing five years in the post and appointing the current Head of Networks, Mr Ismail Rasheed to the position of Chief Executive with effect from 01st April 2007.

    Ismail Waheed will be moving to Cable & Wireless International where he will be overseeing the operations of both Dhiraagu and Seychelles businesses.

    Ismail Rasheed, the new Chief Executive has been with Dhiraagu since its inception and had driven several successful projects under his leadership. During Ismail Rasheed’s post as Head of Networks he had been responsible for operational and technical aspects of the Company’s products and services.

    These changes have been brought about to further strengthen Dhiraagu’s position as the leading info-communications solutions provider in the Maldives and to bring about new and fresh outlook to the Company’s direction in the evolving and changing market environment.

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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