• 01 July 2009
    Dhiraagu Mobile Service Menu - From *123#
    Over the last few years, Dhiraagu, the No.1 Mobile Service Provider in the Maldives, has been adding to the range of Value-Added-Services (VAS) offered to our mobile customers.

    And now, to make these services more conveniently accessible for our customers, we are pleased to introduce the Mobile Service Menu.

    Mobile Service Menu is precisely that; a menu which offers customers the easiest way possible to access the VAS services, which currently include Account Balance, Recharge a friend’s mobile, Flight Information, IGMH OPD Doctors’ Duty Information, Prayer Times, SMS Voting for TV programmes, Stock market Updates, amongst many others.

    With so many VAS to choose from, customers may find it difficult to remember the required keyword or string to access the VAS they are interested in, and obtaining this information would only add a further step to acquiring the service. With this in mind, Dhiraagu has once again stepped up to offer the means to simplify the whole process, by providing a Mobile Service Menu.

    By keying in *123# and pressing SEND, customers will receive a numbered menu, from which they can choose the required service or get more information, simply by selecting the relevant number and pressing SEND. This service requires neither registration nor monthly fees, and the only charges are for each SMS sent, at the premium SMS rates.

    Mobile Service Menu provides Dhiraagu mobile customers the ideal time-saving and convenient way to obtain any of the value-added services we now offer, and using this simple and straightforward process, we are confident that customers will be able to take full advantage of these services.

    Dhiraagu is constantly seeking new products and services to offer to our customers, and in keeping with our intention to further improve the total customer experience, we take pride in being able to offer easy access to all aspects of our services. Mobile Service Menu is another first from Dhiraagu, reflecting our commitment to bringing the best to our customers.

    Media contact for information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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