• 30 July 2014
    Dhiraagu Mobile Network Upgrade Project
    As part of our effort to improve mobile services and further to the announcement made on 28th April 2014 on the upgrade of mobile network and implementation of 4G LTE services, please be informed that we have now moved into the project implementation phase and the field work is currently in progress.

    During these planned upgrade works we anticipate network interruptions, hence we have scheduled the works in a manner to minimize impact on customers as far as practically possible. We will be regularly updating our customers on these schedules and any service interruptions.

    The first of these upgrade work affecting customers is now scheduled to take place on 30 July 2014. During this work some of the mobile services will be interrupted as per the schedule that follows:

    Start Time | Finish Time | Services Affected
    30 July 2014 at 20:00 hrs | 31 July 2014 at 06:30 hrs | Mobile provisioning services including: Issuing of new SIM cards Activation of new SIM / Services
    31 July 2014 at 03:00 hrs | 31 July 2014 at 04:00 hrs |  Making and receiving calls Delays in SMS Mobile data services
    USSD service:
    - *141*, Recharge
    - *142#, Account Balance
    - *100#, Call me back
    - *122*, USSD Call Back
    - *665#, Reload Distributor & Retailer menu
    - *666*, Reload Retailer Recharge
    - *123#, Mobile Self Care
    - *664*, Reload Retailer Transfer

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.

    Media contact for information:
    Imjad Jaleel
    Assistant Manager Public Relations
    Phone: 3311681, Mobile: 779 2040

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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