• 17 May 2010
    Dhiraagu Launches ‘World Cup Experience’ Promotions
    Football being the most popular sport in the Maldives, Dhiraagu has always supported the game, from school and atoll level to national and international tournaments.

    Recently winning the sponsorship of the Dhivehi League, Dhiraagu continues to contribute to the development of the sport in the country, and actively encourages football events.

    And today, Dhiraagu has launched a very exciting series of promotions, Dhiraagu World Cup Experience, aiming to get you into the football spirit.

    The Dhiraagu World Cup Experience begins today, Monday 17 May 2010, with a special offer on Dhiraagu touchNET. Launched yesterday, touchNET is the fastest mobile broadband service in the Maldives. And now, as part of our World Cup promotions, we are offering the following, from today till the end of 10 June 2010:

    touchNET Discount, Rf. 50,000 Lucky Draw, and Lucky Draw for Ticket to World Cup

    • With 50% discount on touchNET modem, obtain service for only Rf. 800 during this period.
    • The chance to win Rf. 50,000, with an automatic entry into the Rf. 50,000 Lucky Draw by activating your new touchNET Mobile Broadband Connection.
    • Entry into the World Cup 2010 Ticket Lucky Draw by sending from your new touchNET connection, an SMS consisting of the unique number found underneath the caps of any 500ml and 2L bottles of Coke, Fanta and Sprite. The SMS must be sent to 2626.
    • Each SMS sent is charged at Rf. 2.
    • This World Cup Ticket Promotion is run in association with Coca-Cola.

    World Cup SMS Quiz, open for all Dhiraagu Mobile Customers

    • Correctly answer all 10 questions of the World Cup SMS Quiz for entry into a Lucky Draw, with a prize of a 42” LCD TV and Home Theatre System for each of 3 winners.
    • To take part in the Quiz, text the letters WC to 400. You will receive 10 questions, and following your answer to the last question, you will receive your score. If you answer all 10 correctly, you will be entered into the Lucky Draw.
    • To increase your chances of winning, you can take part in the Quiz as many times as you like. Each SMS sent for the Quiz is charged at Rf. 1.

    Both of the above promotions will be run until the end of 10 June 2010, and are the first two to be launched under Dhiraagu World Cup Experience promotions.

    Dhiraagu has always supported events beneficial and of interest to the community, and you can look forward to many more such promotions leading up to and during World Cup 2010.

    Meanwhile, to help you get into the game spirit, two versions of the official theme song of World Cup 2010, ‘Wavin Flag’, are now available on Dhiraagu MyTones and 121 as detailed below, as well as other related material:

    • Wavin Flag V1, by K Naan – MyTones ID 11818
    • Wavin Flag V2, by K Naan – MyTones ID 11819
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