• 16 May 2010
    Dhiraagu Launches touchNET, Fastest Mobile Broadband Service
    Dhiraagu has today launched touchNET, the fastest 3G Plus Mobile Broadband Service in the Maldives.

    Dhiraagu touchNET can be used with your laptop or desktop computer, anywhere in the Maldives. It is high-speed Internet in your pocket, for staying connected on the go.

    Ideal for browsing the web, checking emails and downloading music, videos and movies, it is handy to use at home, as well as being a dependable travel companion. Which means that Dhiraagu touchNET will prove indispensable at home, college, office, and when you are out and about.

    Launched at a function held today, Sunday 16 May 2010, Dhiraagu touchNET will be available from tomorrow, and can be used with any of our 3 different packages, as follows:

    • DREAM, with 1 GB free allowance, at Rf 160 per month, and excess usage charged at 20 laari / MB.
    • DISCOVER, with 2 GB free allowance, at Rf 250 per month, and excess usage charged at 15 laari / MB.
    • DIVE, with 4 GB free allowance, at Rf 449 per month, and excess usage charged at 15 laari / MB.

    To enjoy the benefits of the services, you can simply purchase a Dhiraagu touchNET and a dedicated mobile SIM for which the connection is free. Once you insert the SIM in the modem and plug it into the computer, all you need to do is follow the quick and easy steps to install the modem.

    As Dhiraagu customers, you are accustomed to receiving high quality services at some of the best rates in the country. Likewise, you will be pleased that Dhiraagu touchNET provides high speed 3G Plus Mobile Broadband service, while being exceptionally good value for money. This is another exciting service from Dhiraagu, the No.1 Mobile Service Provider in the Maldives.

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