• 01 July 2010
    Dhiraagu Launches the First Ever Prepaid Mobile Broadband Service in the Maldives
    Dhiraagu has today launched touchNET Prepaid, the first ever prepaid mobile broadband service in the Maldives.

    Dhiraagu’s 3G Plus service touchNET has gained much popularity in the few weeks since its launch. touchNET, high-speed Internet in your pocket, can be used with your laptop or desktop computer, and is already provided as postpaid. With Dhiraagu touchNET, you can browse the web, check emails, and download music and videos, no matter where you are. This makes touchNET an essential item at home, college, office, and when you are out.

    And now, with the added convenience of not having to worry about bills, this prepaid option is bound to prove even more attractive.

    The connection kit is available for Rf. 199, and comes with FREE 400MB. Topping up is easy too, since you can Recharge, or simply Reload at your convenience, with a choice of Rf. 100, Rf. 200 or Rf. 500 denominations. For a Rf. 100 recharge, a free allowance of 400 Mb, for a Rf. 200 recharge a free allowance of 1.5 Gb and for a Rf. 500 recharge a free allowance of 5Gb will be awarded to the customer. Dhiraagu also provides touchNET modems, priced at Rf. 800.

    Upon launching of Dhiraagu Touchnet Prepaid, Dhiraagu Head of Marketing, Ahmed Maumoon stated “Dhiraagu is delighted to be the first prepaid internet service provider in the country. And it is a great pleasure to see internet being accessible to a wider customer base with even more flexible options.”

    Dhiraagu touchNET was launched a few weeks ago, providing the highest speed 3G Plus Mobile Broadband service in the Maldives. And we are pleased to offer our customers further choice and flexibility by providing Dhiraagu touchNET as prepaid. With Dhiraagu, the No.1 Mobile Service Provider in the Maldives, you can be assured of receiving the most innovative products and services, at the best rates.

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