• 31 July 2019
    Dhiraagu launches the first commercial 5G service in Maldives and South Asia

    Dhiraagu, the leading telecom and digital services provider in the Maldives has commercially launched 5G service today. 

    Dhiraagu 5G service will now be available in selected areas of the following 3 regions that has major populations;

    1. Male’, Villimale’ Hulhumale’ and Velana International Airport
    2. Addu City, Hithadhoo
    3. Haa Dhaalu Atoll, Kulhudhuffushi

    Customers in these locations who have 5G compatible devices will be able to enjoy the service with no additional data charges and without having the need to replace their current Dhiraagu SIM. 

    At the moment there are only very few devices in the market that are compatible with 5G service. Dhiraagu is working with major mobile manufacturers to bring the latest 5G devices to the Maldivian market at the earliest possible. Currently 5G service is readily available for Huawei Mate 20X (5G) phones on Dhiraagu Network.

    In reaching this technological milestone, Dhiraagu is the first company in South Asia to launch 5G service.

    Dhiraagu CEO & MD, Mr Ismail Rasheed stated that “Dhiraagu will continue to work with key partners in bringing the latest technological developments to Maldives in the telecom and digital space. Our 5G deployment has been made possible with our close collaboration with Huawei, the leading 5G vendor. We would like to thank Huawei for their support in delivering the equipment and providing implementation services in a timely manner, which has enabled Dhiraagu to launch the first 5G commercial service in Maldives and South Asia”.

    Liang Yi, CEO of Huawei Sri Lanka & The Maldives stated that “It is a great honour for Huawei to be selected as a major partner for Dhiraagu, to participate in this biggest evolution of telecommunication technology in the Maldives and in the region of South Asia. We would like to congratulate Dhiraagu for having launched the first 5G commercial service in Maldives and in South Asia. 5G era has now entered the Maldives, which will greatly further enable this beautiful country’s digital transformation. Together with our industrial partners, we will continuously bring in cutting edge ICT technology, to build a better connected Maldives”


    What is 5G?

    5G is the latest generation in the mobile technology and will revolutionize the way we use our digital services. The biggest evident benefit of 5G is its incredibly fast speeds. 5G connectivity is expected to deliver over 10 times more speed than what you experience in 4G. This is going to make an incredible difference when it comes to downloading large files, movies and playing games.  

    With the introduction of 5G services, customers will get a more reliable digital experience as 5G network will be able to handle huge amounts of data much more efficiently. The improved latency opens up plenty of opportunities and could potentially pave the way to new augmented reality experiences as well.  

    Beyond general consumer needs, 5G network can aid to bring life to fully automated transport and robotic doctors that can perform surgery via remote access.   

    Digital Raajje.

    With the largest 4G and fibre broadband network in the Maldives and the first service provider to offer nationwide mobile broadband service, Dhiraagu’s portfolio of core business and enterprise products reflect a key emphasis on digital tomorrow. 

    Dhiraagu, with their “Digital Raajje” promise is committed tobring innovative solutions and technological advancements for the betterment of Maldivians, enabling socio-economic developments and keeping Maldives acquainted with the rest of the world. This year, Dhiraagu successfully expanded their fibre broadband to 75% of households across Maldives and introduced 1Gbps fibre broadband package for the first time in Maldives. 

    The communication landscape is changing rapidly requiring the latest in digital technology that can meet the current and future requirements of residential as well as enterprise customers. Dhiraagu is proud to launch 5G in the Maldives due to its importance in enhancing the digital economy and to empower digitally inclusive communities to create the Digital Raajje that every Maldivian can enjoy.


    31 July 2019

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