• 01 July 2010
    Dhiraagu Launches Special Prepaid Promotion with a 30% discount
    We are pleased to announce a special promotion to reward our Dhiraagu Mobile Prepaid customers, with great savings on voice calls, SMS and Internet usage.

    Effective from today, 1 July 2010, Dhiraagu Mobile Prepaid customers will be able to enjoy 30% discounts as detailed below.

    • On local voice calls to other Dhiraagu numbers, after the initial 2 minutes, receive 30% discount on the rest of the call.
    • Spend only Rf. 1.50 on local SMS, and receive 30% discount on the rest of the local SMS sent that day.
    • Spend only Rf. 3.00 on international SMS, and receive 30% discount on the rest of the international SMS sent that day.
    • Spend Rf. 5.00 on mobile Internet usage and receive 30% discount on mobile Internet usage that day.

    With this special promotion, everyone can be a winner. To take advantage of this 30% discount, all you need to do is to spend more than 2 minutes on local calls, and spend the above amounts on SMS and mobile Internet usage.

    Dhiraagu's Head of Marketing, Ahmed Maumoon, stated that “we always strive to provide our customers with exciting offers and valuable user experience by giving more and look forward that our customers will enjoy this great offer“.

    Dhiraagu Mobile Prepaid customers are an important part of a network of over 300,000 customers, and enjoy the best coverage in the Maldives. With exciting new services on the way, we are pleased to run this month-long promotion for the benefit of our loyal Prepaid customers.

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