• 04 April 2016
    Dhiraagu launches ‘Smart Home’ Packages
    Dhiraagu launches ‘Smart Home’ services as a packaged product for its customers. ‘Smart Home’ products will help enrich the lives of customers as it will enable customers to fully integrate their day to day life through digital services.

    ‘Smart Home’, which was previously demonstrated by Dhiraagu at the Connect Fair 2015, held at the National Art Gallery, is now being launched as attractive and affordable packages for customers with varying needs.

    With the new package options, Dhiraagu customers will now be able to take control of their appliances at home remotely and they will have access to all functions of this service, simply with the press of a button on their smart device. The smart devices that are added into our portfolio of ‘Smart Home’ are Broadlink products specialized in smart home automation services.

    To get started, customers will simply need a Dhiraagu Broadband connection for the set-up and Dhiraagu will provide all necessary devices depending on the customers’ choice of package, and get the service fully functioning at their homes. For the ease of the customers, Dhiraagu Smart Home packages are also available on installment basis for 6, 12 or 18 months.

    Dhiraagu will be providing 5 different packages of this service for the customers.

    • Smart Home Basic
    • Smart Home Standard
    • Smart Home Platinum
    • Smart Home Premium
    • Home Security Kit

    At the ‘Smart Home’ launching ceremony, Dhiraagu Manager Marketing, Broadband & Data Services Mohamed Fahir said, “This service is an immensely popular and widely used service across the world, and we take pride in being the first provider of such a service as a packaged product for the customers in the Maldives. Another special feature of this service is that all the devices of our customers do not necessarily have to be a ‘Smart’ device. Customers can come to Dhiraagu for the service and we can now make those devices smart as well.”

    For more information on Dhiraagu ‘Smart Home’, please visit our website www.dhiraagu.com.mv

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    04th April 2016

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