• 05 June 2012
    Dhiraagu Launches 'Prepaid Hi5'
    Dhiraagu has launched a very exciting brand new plan for prepaid customers, named 'Prepaid Hi5'.

    With the addition of Prepaid Hi5, Dhiraagu now offers 3 prepaid plans (Hi5 Plan, Best Friend Plan and Standard Plan) giving more options and value to customers opting for Dhiraagu Prepaid Mobile Service.

    The Prepaid Hi5 will become the best prepaid plan in the country with the lowest peak rates.

    With this attractive Prepaid Hi5 plan, customers can nominate up to 5 Friends and Family (FnF) numbers and enjoy an incredible 25% discount to each number.

    Customers can nominate any Dhiraagu mobile or fixed line number to enjoy the 25% discount.

    To subscribe for Prepaid Hi5 plan, customers will simply have to submit an application form to any Dhiraagu Customer Front Office.

    All existing prepaid customers who wish to apply for Prepaid Hi5 plan, can simply request for a package change without having to change their prepaid number.

    After successful subscription to this plan, customers can add up to 5 FnF numbers by sending an SMS with the key word "FNF(space)ADD(space)xxxxxxx" to 445.

    Dhiraagu Manager Marketing Communications and PR, Mohamed Mirshan Hassan said that, "Dhiraagu Prepaid Hi5 plan offers our customers the best rates to whom they want, when it matters the most, giving them the lowest peak rates in the country.

    The plan is extremely flexible as customers can simply choose any five numbers of their choice to enjoy 25% discount to each number".

    For more information on Prepaid Hi5 plan, please visit our website.

    Media contact for information
    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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