• 23 June 2005
    Dhiraagu Launches New Image & Logo
    Dhiraagu has launched a new logo and brand identity at a major staff event held today, after a week long provocative and much talked about question mark teaser campaign.

    The new logo, the rendition of the open palm of a hand with the new stylised name Dhiraagu in Dhivehi & English set in white & silver outline, is the first change since 1988 when Dhiraagu was founded.

    A striking red background, new font and a departure from conventional telecomms symbols, mean an entirely new, fresh and attractive appearance to the businesses. Over time, the new image and logo will be rolled out across all communications materials from signage, payphones, offices, shops, preferred partners & agents to printed material and stationary.

    Speaking at the event, Dhiraagu CEO, Ismail Waheed said, “We have been listening to our customers and they are telling us a number of things, ‘We like Dhiraagu, you are familiar to us and generally provide good service and value, however, your image doesn’t fit well with some of the new products and services coming to market’”

    Presenting the new image and logo to journalists after the staff event, Ismail enthusiastically added, “I am really excited about this, the first change in identity over 17 years. Our new logo is something really fresh, very much grounded in the Maldives, red is a strong primary colour and red is Dhiraagu.

    The open hand represents warmth, welcoming and openness, a friendly touch just as Dhiraagu touches the lives of most people in the Maldives right across the nation.”

    “We also emphasise that this is more than just a new logo - in this ever changing communications industry, we’re renewing our commitment to the Maldives and especially to our customers to offer widest choice, uncompromising service and best value working hard for the highest levels of customer satisfaction”

    “ It also supports our firm values and customer commitments as a knowledgeable, trusted, contemporary, exciting and above all familiar communications partner because no one knows the Maldives and its people like we do.

    This is but one development in a series of continuous good news that Dhiraagu has been bringing to the market with many more to follow in the coming weeks and months ahead”

    Note to editors:
    Dhiraagu is the national telecomms provider of the Maldives and the nation’s largest, a full service operator in quality leading-edge mobile, Internet, fixed and business solutions. Services extend nationwide covering all the atolls supported by state of the art digital networks and 24 hour customer care. Dhiraagu is committed to remaining the nation’s firm choice in telecommunications based on the philosophy that success derives from consistently remaining close to customers and their needs

    Media contact for more information

    Ahmed Shaafiu
    Manager Marketing
    Phone: 311450
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