• 26 August 2023
    Dhiraagu launches MyServices portal for customers to conveniently manage their mobile numbers

    Dhiraagu has launched an all-new portal where customers can conveniently check and manage the mobile numbers registered under their name.

    This is with regards to the mobile number limitation due to the Mobile Number Regulation recently put into effect by the Communications Authority of Maldives (CAM). According to the regulation, Maldivian nationals can register for up to ten (10) mobile numbers per network and foreign nationals can register for maximum three (3) mobile numbers per network. However, this limitation does not apply to companies and government authorities.

    As such, through this newly introduced MyServices portal, Dhiraagu customers can now easily check the number of mobile numbers registered under their name and take necessary action on the mobile numbers which fall over the allowed limit.

    Customers can utilise the Dhiraagu MyServices portal to manage the mobile numbers registered under their name until 24 November 2023.
    Dhiraagu continues to enrich the lives of people living in the Maldives by introducing exciting new digital avenues for them.

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