• 19 December 2011
    Dhiraagu launches Hosted Microsoft Exchange Service and Google Apps for Business
    Dhiraagu becomes the first operator in Maldives to launch Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps for Business.

    Dhiraagu Hosted Exchange will give the customers all the functionality of a dedicated exchange server. With the utilization of this service customers can simply synchronize their email, calendar and contacts to all their devices simultaneously and effortlessly.

    It would also help to check availability of colleagues when setting up meetings and also allows customers to access their company's global address list and distribution lists.

    The service boasts secure encrypted login and access to their email accounts at the office, home, on the road or from anywhere using a smart phone or computer connected to the network.

    Google Apps for Business is a smarter way for businesses to be connected. Google Apps for Business offers powerful cloud-based messaging and collaboration tools to any business, from small business to large enterprises.

    Although Google Apps for Business is hosted by Google, Dhiraagu can now facilitate businesses to move to Google as it reduces the business IT costs, minimizes maintenance and administrations costs and also streamlines the setup.

    Furthermore Google Apps for Business does not require any additional hardware or software and has the industry-leading spam filtering system.

    With the Google Apps for Business, Dhiraagu customers can enjoy their existing domain and email addresses, IM access and also have access to 24/7 email and phone support service. At the launch event Ahmed Maumoon, Director Marketing of Dhiraagu stated, "We are thrilled to enhance our existing portfolio of hosting services by introducing world-leading MS Exchange and Gmail with Google Apps services for the first time to our customers."

    "Customers do not have to go through the trouble of finding email solutions and technical support on their own but simply enjoy the flexible and easy service provided by Dhiraagu along with all other communications services."

    "With these options our customers can now have managed, secure email solutions of their choice".

    For more information on email collaborated suite, please visit our website at www.dhiraagu.com.mv or get the assistance of a customer service representative by calling 123.

    Media contact for information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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