• 24 October 2023
    Dhiraagu launches exciting ‘Win a Tesla’ promotion!

    Dhiraagu has introduced an exciting promotion where customers can win a Tesla car! This promotion was announced at a special press conference held at Dhiraagu Head Office today.

    Under this promotion, customers who subscribe to plans on or above Postpaid 450 and Fibre Broadband 30M before 31 January 2024 will have the chance to win a Tesla. Both existing and new customers are eligible to take part in this promo and must enrol through a special portal.

    “As we celebrate 35 years of enriching lives, we are delighted to launch this exciting promotion and give our customers the opportunity to win this state-of-the-art, electric-powered car,” stated Mohamed Mirshan Hassan, Director, Brand and Marketing Communications at Dhiraagu. “To celebrate a mega year such as this, we wanted to give our customers a mega prize which will provide a tech-powered, unique experience for them.”

    In order to give customers a greater chance to win this amazing prize, Dhiraagu has also announced that those who enrol in this promotion before 30 November 2023 will stand double the chance to win.

    Dhiraagu has a wide range of plans on Postpaid and Fibre Broadband specially curated for customers’ different needs.

    For more information about this exciting promotion, visit https://bit.ly/45R88YM

    Dhiraagu continues to celebrate the company’s 35 years of leading the digital transformation journey of the Maldives, providing customers the best value services, and enabling them to ‘take on tomorrow’ in Digital Raajje.

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