• 22 June 2010
    Dhiraagu Launches ‘Connect Your Life’ Campaign
    Dhiraagu has today launched an advertising campaign drawing attention to how the company continues to connect lives in the Maldives.

    The campaign, named Dhiraagu ‘Connect Your Life’, enlists the help of brand ambassadors to convey the unmistakable ways in which Dhiraagu provides the essential connection in day-to-day life in the Maldives. This is a departure from the usual advertising promoting Dhiraagu products and services, and instead places the emphasis on relationships, those between Dhiraagu and its customers, and within the community in general.

    At a function held at Holiday Inn to launch the campaign, Dhiraagu also revealed the 3 brand ambassadors chosen to reflect the diverse fields in which Dhiraagu services are indispensable. The Dhiraagu brand ambassadors are:

    • Ibrahim Fazeel, important member of the Maldives National Football Team. A Dhiraagu customer for many years, Fazeel (Oppo) is happy to endorse Dhiraagu products and services. Dhiraagu has always supported sports development and continues to promote sporting events, and therefore it is only natural that one of Dhiraagu’s first brand ambassadors be Fazeel, an excellent sportsman.
    • Mariyam Unoosha, musician. Dhiraagu has a significant youthful customer base, with whom Dhiraagu’s entertainment related services and MyTones in particular, are ever-popular. While consisting of the largest and most diverse collection of music for ringtones, MyTones places an emphasis on promoting Maldivian musicians. Instantly recognizable, Unoosha provides a link with the young and the young-at-heart.
    • Shahid Ali, Managing Director, State Trading Organisation. Dhiraagu, the only total communication solutions provider in the Maldives, has formed strong relationships within the business community, ever mindful of the importance of putting customers first. Shahid Ali is one such person who has witnessed Dhiraagu’s technological excellence and unrivalled customer services, and has sufficient confidence in the company’s know-how and reliability to endorse its products and services.

    As Dhiraagu billboards featuring the three ambassadors are being put up at prominent locations across Male’, it is with pride that we note the high visibility Dhiraagu has achieved within the capital, and throughout whole country.

    Riffath Mohamed, Dhiraagu’s Manager Mobile Marketing, talked briefly about the campaign, and how it is related to Dhiraagu. He emphasized the company’s efforts to improve connection within families and friends, referring to frequent promotions and better value packages.

    In fact, whatever matters most to the people of the Maldives, Dhiraagu has always sought to provide services and products which are beneficial to them. This is no doubt a key factor in Dhiraagu being identified as the operator of choice, and the No.1 Mobile operator in the Maldives.

    The campaign launched today pays homage to the fact that Dhiraagu is indeed interwoven within the community, and continues to provide the essential connection, wherever it is needed. So much so that we can truly claim that what Dhiraagu does is ‘Connect Your Life’.

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