• 28 April 2020
    Dhiraagu launches an Education Zone on DhiraaguTV to support remote education

    As schools and institutes are closed amid COVID-19 outbreak, teachers and students are navigating to the new reality of remote education. To facilitate this, Dhiraagu has launched an Education Zone (EDU ZONE) on DhiraaguTV.  

    We have collaborated with Hologo, a leading local education content developer that was listed among the top recommended applications by Apple Inc, to make their content available on DhiraaguTV. This service will be available for free till end of May 2020. Edu Zone will be available on DhiragauTV’s Video-On-Demand (VOD) section for home users via JoyBox and via DhiraaguTV app for mobile customers. Any Dhiraagu mobile customer can access this content for free by downloading DhiraaguTV mobile app and using 'play' as the username and password. There will be no data usage charges when using DhiraaguTV app on a Dhiraagu Fixed Broadband network.

    We want to support all students to have access to premium content and continue their studies through these challenging times. DhiraaguTV is the only edutainment platform in the Maldives that offers an exclusive Education Zone supporting the IGCSE curriculum for both students and teachers to get ahead. We have given free access to multiple learning resources which includes curriculum specific video lessons and augmented reality lessons on one platform. All content in this platform has been vetted by education professionals to cater to students in Grade 6 to 10. 

     DhiraaguTV's innovative VOD feature enables students to conveniently access education content - anytime, anywhere in a flexible and user-friendly manner through simplified menus.

    With Edu Zone, we are committed to offer the students an additional way to learn remotely through a seamless experience and support our community to get ahead of these challenging times. We will continue to enrich the Edu Zone with more content in the near future. 


    28 April 2020

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