• 30 April 2009
    Dhiraagu Launches AeroMobile Service
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce the launching of AeroMobile Service, a truly ground breaking service for Dhiraagu and the Maldives. Providing mobile roaming service on aircraft, AeroMobile service allows customers to use their mobile phones while flying on aircraft equipped with AeroMobile technology.

    AeroMobile service is currently available on most Emirates aircraft, flying to numerous destinations worldwide, and other major airlines are following suit as demand for the service grows. In the Maldives, this service is only available for Dhiraagu mobile roaming customers.

    AeroMobile treats aircraft as simply another country with which roaming arrangements have been made. This allows customers to make roaming calls or send SMS as they would normally do when roaming. Registration is not required for AeroMobile service, and charges will be billed to the customer’s Dhiraagu mobile bill as normal roaming charges, rated at:

    • Rf. 46.90 / min for outgoing calls to the Maldives,
    • Rf. 83.00 / min for incoming calls from anywhere, and
    • Rf. 10.54 / each SMS sent.

    While mobiles are still required to be switched off during take-off and landing, customers onboard AeroMobile equipped flights will be advised by the cabin crew when they may use their mobiles.

    As increasing numbers of Maldivians travel abroad, and as more and more mobile customers are signing on for Dhiraagu roaming service, it is Dhiraagu’s aim to continue to provide the best mobile service in the country. And so, it is with particular pride that Dhiraagu is introducing AeroMobile service to the Maldives. AeroMobile Service is another first from Dhiraagu and is exclusive to Dhiraagu mobile customers.

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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