• 02 March 2011
    Dhiraagu launches a special Broadband ADSL promotion

    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce the introduction of a special Broadband ADSL promotion for the period 2nd March to 30th April 2011.

    During this promotion customers can subscribe to a new Broadband ADSL connection for just Rf 250. Dhiraagu has been conducting special promotions for Broadband ADSL customers every year, and this is one of the first such promotions in line for this year.

    Past Broadband ADSL promotions had been hugely popular among our customers and this promotion is introduced to further extend the opportunity.

    This year’s Broadband ADSL promotion offers more than 50% discount to customers planning to get a new broadband connection. In addition, the promotion also extends to customers who wish to relocate their existing Broadband ADSL connection to any location for free.

    In revealing the promotion, Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations, Mohamed Mirshan Hassan highlighted that the promotion was planned based on the huge support we received during recent promotions and, expects it will give a boost to the already impressive rate of internet penetration in the country with the largest internet network in the Maldives.

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